Patient Rights


At North Country Children’s Clinic we guarantee your right to:


· Care and treatment without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or sponsor.

· Considerate and respectful care.

· Complete information regarding availability of services, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

· All information needed to give informed consent for any procedure or treatment.

· The name and function of any person providing services to you.

· Confidentiality of medical records and condition.

· Approve or refuse release of medical records.

· Participation in all decisions about treatment and discharge.

· Seek a second medical opinion.

· Refuse to participate in experimental research.

· Refuse treatment and be informed of medical consequences.

· Copies of all written medical records.

· Be informed of all charges for services, eligibility for third party
   reimbursements and the availability of free or reduced cost care.

· An itemized bill and explanation of all charges.

· Express complaints about care and services and have N.C.C.C.
   investigate such complaints.

· Voice grievances and recommend changes to N.C.C.C. staff, the Board of Directors, and the New York State Department of Health.

· Information regarding an Advance Directive/Health Care Proxy.

· Information on after-hour coverage.

· Authorize those family members and other adults who will be given priority to visit consistent with your ability to receive visitors.

· Make known your wishes in regard to anatomical gifts. You may document your wishes in your health Care Proxy or on a donor card.