School-Based Health Center Facts

Any student attending a participating school can enroll in the school-based health centers (SBHC).

• There are no eligibility or income requirements.

A student can be enrolled in the SBHC and keep their regular doctor.

• The SBHC will always send copies of visits to your child’s regular provider.

If you have no doctor, you can enroll your child and use the SBHC as your child’s doctor.

• North Country Children’s Clinic would be pleased to become your child’s regular medical provider. When the school-based health center is not open you can use the services of our Primary Care Clinic located at 238 Arsenal Street in Watertown.

If you have a regular doctor and cannot get an appointment you can use the school-based health center instead of an urgent care or the emergency room.

• You can call the SBHC for a same-day appointment even if your child is too ill to attend school. Copies of your child’s visit will always be sent to your child’s regular doctor.

Services are provided at no out of pocket costs.

• If you have insurance the SBHC will bill your insurance; if you don’t have insurance there is no cost to your family. The health center can help your family to enroll in Child Health Plus and/or Medicaid.   Please note: the cost of services provided outside of the SBHC, such as laboratory tests, X-rays, specialty consultations, and prescriptions are the responsibility of the parent.

Parents are always welcome to come to their child’s appointment at the SBHC.

• However, if you have trouble getting time off of work or cannot attend the appointment we can see your child during the school day and call you before and after their appointment.

The role of the school nurse has not changed.

• If your child becomes ill during the day, he/she will still go to the nurse’s office and the nurse will call you. The nurse will ask you if you want your child to be seen at the SBHC.

You do not have to use the school-based health center if you enroll.

All parents are encouraged to enroll their child in the program as it is a service offered by the school and can be used in acute situations. Signing an enrollment form does not mean that your child has to use the services of the school-based health center.

The SBHC provides complete primary care such as physical exams, vaccinations, allergy shots, treatment of illnesses such as ear infections or strep throat, and mental health counseling.

• If you would like to schedule a medical or mental health appointment or if you have any questions, please call the SBHC located n your child’s school.