School Based Health

General Info

North Country Children’s Clinic operates health centers in the Watertown City and South Jefferson School Districts. Children’s Clinic staff provides primary care and mental health services to students. Dental clinics in both districts serve students who otherwise would not have access to dental care. In an average year, more than 2,500 students make more than 10,000 visits to the Children’s Clinic’s school-based health centers.

Our Staff
The centers are staffed by nurse practitioners who work in collaboration with Children's Clinic pediatricians based at the Primary Care Center in downtown Watertown. In addition, Certified Social Workers (CSWs) provide individual, family, and group counseling services. Each site also has support staff consisting of receptionists, LPNs or medical assistants.

Services Available
Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries
Physical exams



Management of chronic illness

Nutrition and weight counseling

Help with health related concerns

Individual, family and group therapy


Medical and Mental Health services are available to all students who attend Watertown schools and Mannsville and Wilson Elementary. Students must be enrolled in the program by their parents or guardians to access services. Enrollment is simple. Fill out an enrollmen t form and return it to your child's school. 

A full-service dental clinic at Wiley School serves students of all grade levels who have no access to dental care. In addition, the South Jefferson school-based mobile dental program serves students in Mannsville, Wilson, and Clark schools. All dental programs are staffed by a dentist and hygienist.

The Watertown City School District provides transportation for Watertown students who attend schools without a health center or dental clinic.

Our Office Hours

The school based health centers are open when school is in session.
Families are welcome to use our community based Pediatric Medical and Dental Programs when the school sites are closed.
Whenever the office is closed, patients can reach one of our providers 24/7 by calling the office number (315) 782-6400. Call at any hour if your child is truly ill,
but please leave routine calls for regular office hours.



The Locations of our School-based Health Centers


North Elementary School

(Pre-K – Grade 3)

(315) 786-1767

H. T. Wiley School

(Grades 4-6)

(315) 785-3783

Case Middle School

(Grades 7&8)

(315) 785-3809

Watertown High School

(Grades 9-12)

(315) 785-3703

Dental Clinic at Wiley School

(All Grades)

(315) 779-5611

Mannsville Elementary

(Grades K-5)

(315) 465-3373

Wilson Elementary

(Pre-K- Grade 5)

(315) 583-5200

Dental Clinic at Mannsville Elementary

(Grades K-5)

(315) 465-3378

Dental Clinic at Clarke

(Grades 6-8)

(315) 232-9968

Dental Clinic at Wilson Elementary

(Pre-K - Grade 5)

(315) 583-5359



South Jeff: