In a Mental Health Emergency

Parents/guardians are urged to not wait for an appointment.
Call the Mobile Crisis Team (315)782.2327 or take the child to the emergency room.

Mental Health Services
Mental Health services are available in our Pediatric Primary Care Center and in our school based health centers in the Watertown City and South Jefferson schools. Services may be provided by a licensed psychologist, licensed social worker, or supervised students working toward a master’s degree from a graduate social work program.

Mental health services may include individual, family or group therapy. Group sessions to improve social skills and anger management are often held in our school-based programs

We schedule initial appointments based on the date of request, and often have a waiting list.

All therapists participate in supervision or consultation meetings.

Therapists participate in case team meetings with Children's Clinic medical staff.

We are not able to provide evaluations/testimony for court cases.

We bill insurance for all sessions. Co-pays are collected in our Pediatric office.

At 238 Arsenal Street in Watertown:
North Country Children’s Clinic’s Mental Health Services are integrated with our pediatric medical center. This means that mental health services are only provided to regular patients of the Children’s Clinic. Parents/guardians must request these services from The Children’s Clinic’s medical staff.

In the Schools:
To obtain mental health services in the Watertown or South Jefferson Schools, children must be enrolled in our school based health program. We must have a current physical examination on file for those children who have other medical providers.

Parents/guardians can request services through the Children’s Clinic’s school based health centers. Some older students at Watertown High School may temporarily request services directly, but we want their parents/guardians involved as early as possible.

School based services are not available when school is closed.

For more information vist the School Based Health Section of our website.