In the Hospital:

Tell your obstetrician and the hospital staff that you want North Country Children’s Clinic to be your baby’s pediatricians.

If you deliver at Samaritan Medical Center, your baby will be taken care of by their newborn specialist while the baby is in the hospital. If you are delivering at one of the other area hospitals the baby will be taken care of by the staff pediatricians.

After Your Baby is Born:

Please contact our office (315) 782-6400 for a newborn appointment as soon as possible, We usually see newborns at 3-5 days of age to check on feeding concerns, assess for jaundice and weight loss, and to answer the many questions that always arise with a newborn baby.

Remember, we are only a phone call away for prompt answers and advice!

Making Sure Your Baby has Insurance Coverage:

When a child is born, insurance companies usually alloy 30 days for the child to be added to the policy. Please inform your insurance company as early as you can after the baby is born to avoid delays in billing and payment. If you have no insurance coverage, please ask our staff how we can help.