Our Office Policies


All patients are treated by appointment only and every attempt is made to see patients on time. Coming a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time will give the receptionist time to get the necessary personal and medical information.
If you have a change in address or telephone number, please tell us.



We confirm your appointment 48 hours in advance. If we can’t reach you, please confirm your appointment a day ahead of your scheduled time. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of your appointment and we are can’t reach you by telephone, your appointment will be cancelled and we will give that time to another patient or someone on our waiting list. You will need to call us to reschedule.



If you arrive late for an appointment, there is less time for treatment. If we can’t complete treatment in the remaining time scheduled, we will reschedule your visit for another time.



Please notify the clinic 24 hours in advance if an appointment cannot be kept. This will allow the receptionist to fill canceled appointments from the clinic’s waiting list.



We are happy to schedule appointments when they are convenient for you. Two (2) patients from the same family can often be scheduled during a clinic day and in consecutive time slots.


We participate with: Medicaid, HealthPlex Child Health Plus, United Concordia, Cigna,
Delta, Excellus Blue Cross-Blue Shield, GHP, Metropolitan, and Guardian, POMCO, HealthPlex FHP, United Health Care, Family Health Plus and Child Health Plus.


If your insurance is NOT listed above, you will be responsible for payment on the day of your appointment. We will give you the information you need to send to your insurance company in order for them to pay you.


If you have NO Insurance, we can charge you for dental care based on your income.
   To use the sliding fee scale we must see proof of your household income. Please bring your most recent 1040 tax form to your first appointment to qualify for our sliding fee scale. If you have current health insurance, we need to see information about your policy that shows that dental coverage is not included. If you have no insurance and have been denied coverage by Medicaid or Child Health Plus, please bring a copy of that denial letter.

If you have questions about how much your fee will be, please ask.

If you have questions about your bill, please contact our Billing Staff at (315) 782-9450.